Count your losses

There is no doubt that counting our blessings help us appreciate life, feel thankful for the things we have, value our relations & belongings even more. It lifts our spirits when we are distressed and inspires us to do good, to be a better person.

Goodbye 2020!

Goodbye 2020!

Case Study – Poetry Book Cover Design

I had the pleasure of designing a Poetry Book Cover for DelhiPoetrySlam. DPS is an independent online portal of poems from the largest group of poets from all over India.

I designed the cover for the Book – Wash your Hands, Wear a Mask. The book is a lovely collection of poems on children at high risk, love, human rights, peace, women & identity, written by Dr. Naina Athalye.

Working on the book – Death is my only beloved

Recently I worked on the Book Cover Design and Illustrations for the book –‘Death is my only beloved’ by Laudeep Singh.

Most of the projects I work on for an extensive amount of time, sometimes leave an imprint, in some way on my understandings and dealings with life. That’s why I do like associating with the kind of work I can recognize with.