Book Cover Design

(Jeevan ka sansmrita haru)


‘Jeevan ka sansmrita haru’, means ‘Experiences of Life.’ The author of the book is C.B. Karki. The book is a beautiful collection of the Author’s life & memories lived over the years in his hometown in Sikkim. The majestic mountain range ‘Bhaley Dunga’ which gives a peek into the village ‘Yangang’, is a central and memorable clifftop in the life of the Author. The same has been translated into the cover design of the book.

Design Concept:
The portrait of the writer skillfully merges with the ‘Bhaley Dunga’ mountain and they both come together to form a memorable portrait landscape. Moreover, the eye in the design has been cleverly placed to showcase a rising sun behind the mountain at the same time.

The book has been released in print a few days back and is available for purchase. The book is in ‘Nepali’, the regional language of Sikkim.

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