Handmaids Tale

The Handmaid’s Tale – The most disturbing show I ever watched!

I finished watching The Handmaids Tale about a month ago, and I haven’t started watching any other Web/TV Series post that because I am still so soaked in the thoughts of this one. The fact is, I don’t want to let go, these powerful thoughts, the emotions I felt, and the vibe I experienced.

I did watch the entire 4 seasons within a few weeks. I remember not being able to focus on other things when the episode ended on an unsettling or difficult note.

The show is painful to watch and a lot of times it’s gut-wrenching but at the same time, you cannot just stop watching it!

I have always believed (like most of us) in freedom of thoughts and a world of equality – between men and women. Equality in opportunities, in rights, in choices, and freedom. That’s what a progressive world is supposed to be. The show gives you a stark picture of a completely opposite world, a rather dystopian world. Such a world is not livable for any women, or even mindful men.

I watched the series alone, on my iPad on Hotstar. Mostly while working alongside on my laptop, having lunch, or doing chores. Few scenes did distract me a lot from my side activity. It was still, an intimate experience. Every episode left me with lingering thoughts and powerful emotions.

I had heard about the show for a very long time but for some reason never watched it earlier. For some weird reason, I even presumed it might be some period drama. I regret it now! I should have watched it a long time back. Everything about this show is at some level realistic, honest and hard-hitting.

At times, it made me introspect and ask questions about our realities and the world we live in. Ours is not a perfect world and it should get better, it has to get better.

I totally loved the spirit of the lead actress. After a few episodes, you actually get into her soul and feel transported to her world. You can feel the helplessness, the desperation, and the fire inside of her.

The show is sad, it’s depressing, even frustrating to watch at times because nobody wants to dive into a sad, hopeless world and experience it, but it is too gripping and enthralling too. I could feel the relevance of the parts of the show, even in today’s world. The reason the show felt so relatable is also that it isn’t completely a work of fiction. Its roots are in reality, in our world.

The last couple of nights, I have been having these weird nightmares of sorts, at night. The stuff in the show and the brutality that’s happening in Afghanistan. I really felt it didn’t bother me that much, after all, it’s not happening here, it’s not happening to us. But it should bother us, it should bother our minds!

I live in a free democratic country and I am grateful for that, but the true freedom of heart, mind, and soul is still far-fetched and I hope we achieve that in the future for our kids and the coming generations.

The show is good. You should watch it too!

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